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Angel Radio – Have Your Angels Nudged YOU? Sprinkling Divine Love Around the Airwaves!!

Angels – Angels – Angels — Have Your Angels Nudged YOU? Sprinkling Divine Love Around the Airwaves!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 4:00 CST

Start the week off with guidance from the angels! Featuring an Angel card of the week and other Divine inspiration to set your vibration on high, allowing more Divine light to shine through!

LISTENER CALL-IN (646) 200-4671

Angel Radio with Dr. Kelli

Angel Radio with Dr. Kelli

Divine light is opening the gateways to explore the higher realms. Let go of any fear that you have and know that when you hold your angels hand you hold the pure divine love and light of our Creator, which is an infinite supply of all GOOD! Namaste and God Bless, beautiful friends! (taken from my new angel cards — available shortly!)

Empath Mentoring for Sensitive Souls

empathmentoring.87143959With Empathic Mentoring, clients set a specific goal or intention, and we work together to uncover and release blocks to that goal through sessions on the phone; one hour per bi-weekly or once a month.

Sometimes with the client’s permission & knowledge I will do soul healing, a technique that bypasses the conscious mind, and thus makes some swift and powerful changes. I often find people meet their goals during their very first session.

The next sessions help establish them as healthy habits. It helps to have a mentor who can read the energies along the way and give you feedback about staying on course.

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