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Money – Spiritual Energy?

Money Energy IS Spiritual Energy

Many people on the different spiritual paths do not feel that they can have all the money they may desire in life and still own and act upon their spiritual principles too. In fact Money Energy IS Spiritual Energy, it is a measure of goodwill that we exchange with one another for the use of products and services that might not otherwise be available for us. Money Energy can be as much a source of Love and Good as any other energy that we may choose to focus our attentions upon. Money Energy in and of itself is not evil, bad or wrong. How someone chooses to use their own Money Energy determines what impact it will have on that person and the world around them. If someone makes what another sees as being a poor or wrong decision, then Money Energy gets the blame for that person’s actions. Yet the Money Energy itself did not make the choice; it is only the servant of those who allow it into their lives.

In truth, Money Energy is given unto us from Spirit/Universe/Source because our planet has decided that Money Energy in one form or another is an appropriate unit of exchange. At one time some people used Cowrie Shells as their unit of exchange. Would we all think now that those people were bad or wrong or that Cowrie Shells are bad or wrong? Of course not! Many people would say it would be very silly to go about saying that Cowrie Shells are bad or evil because at one time people placed a high value on them. They are simply shells that can be appreciated for their beauty and that they have given of themselves to provide a home and safety for the creatures who inhabit them. Well, the same is true of the paper and coins that we refer to as Money. Money Energy is given in exchange for something that has meaning and value for us. For one person it may be the means that allows them to purchase spiritually oriented books, videos or CD’s that adds immeasurably to their personal growth and ability to be kinder and more loving towards themselves and others. Certainly this is a wonderful byproduct of the use of Money Energy! For another person Money Energy is the means by which they provide a warm and secure home for themselves and their beloved family. Yes, there are people that choose to use their Money Energy in ways that others may feel is bad or wrong. And yet this does not make Money Energy itself bad or wrong! Spirit in all its wisdom gave each of us free will. We have the ability to make choices based on what we know in the present moment, choices that we feel are right and good for us. Spirit does not look upon Money Energy and say that it is wrong or evil because some people choose to use it in ways that perhaps you or I would not. And every choice that any individual makes is also an opportunity for growth and change. In an abundance of highly positive ways!

Money Energy can be used to feed the hungry, help to provide medical resources for those who are ill and in pain, house those who are in need of shelter. It can be used to bring joy into the hearts and minds of millions of other people. Its purpose is to help us to evolve on every level, including the spiritual. The choices that we make in regards to how we attract and spend our own Money Energy does help us to evolve on all levels. Its difficult to focus on the Higher when one is hungry or in need of a warm place to sleep for the night! Having more than a sufficient supply of Money Energy for your own needs and desires also allows you to be able to share more with others. Someone once said that the rich and healthy do far more good in the world than all the sick and poor. When I first heard this statement I must admit I railed against it somewhat. Yet, it is true! For if you have wealth, then you are not needing to rely on others to provide for you. You are able to meet your own needs and the needs of others that you may choose to be of support to. If you are healthy, then you can use some of your Money Energy to remain that way and thus not contribute to the vibration that believes in pain and sickness. If you have sufficient Money Energy in your life then you are able to purchase goods and services from others and this supports their prosperity and growth too. A ripple effect occurs when people use their Money Energy and especially when it is spent and shared in the spirit of love and joy. The is the Love of Spirit coming through the Money Energy and supports the shop owner who is now able to hire an assistant, thus contributing to the Money Energy of another who really needs/wants to have that job. That person is now better able to pay their rent/mortgage/bills and thus helps to contribute to the financial well being of that many more people. Who in turn are able to make the choice to donate some of their Money Energy to the shelter down the street which is providing a much needed service for battered women or drug addicts who are seeking to turn their lives around. Then those folks are able to move forward in their lives, begin to prosper on all levels and the cycle continues to flow and move ever outward!

Money Energy is one way that Spirit has of flowing its love and support to all of us. There is a ready supply for all, no one is meant to live in want and poverty. Yet one of the beliefs that hold many people in a state of poverty is the belief that money is not spiritual, that it is bad, wrong, hard to come by, God does not like wealthy people and so forth. All of this is untrue! It may feel true to you right now because it is what you have been led to believe and yet look around you. You probably know people that do have wealth, that feel Money Energy is easy to attract and that it is an energy that can be put to some very high and spiritual purposes in the world. And the more that Money Energy finds its way into the hands of those who are spiritually evolving on the planet at this time, the more and faster we shall see miraculous changes and great healing taking place all over the world!

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