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Send your Angels Out to Work for YOU!

Many times, it’s easy to SAY “let go” and allow the process to work. The actual activity of “letting go” however, is a difficult concept to understand. We may THINK that we’re letting go, when in reality, we’re not at all. We get hung up on wanting to know WHEN, HOW, WHY….with special emphasis on WHEN.

The best analogy to explain “letting go”:

Imagine that you are an executive, sitting behind a huge desk in a rather plush office. Of course you have an excellent corner office with huge windows overlooking the landscape of the city. This is, after all, the PRIME office!

You call in your Angel Team and have them all assembled, eager to please you. You’ve got their full attention. You say to them: “Ok, Angel Team, I need this done and I need it done NOW. I want so-and-so to call me.” They eagerly take notes; say to you “right away! We’re all over it”.

Just as they are leaving, you say to them, “Oh, wait”……They then reconvene, line up in front of you, eagerly waiting their additional assignment.

You say “I REALLY want so-and-so to call me”. They’re standing there, just looking at you, because this is what you just asked them. They respond to you, “Sure, dear one, we’re all over it, right away”. As they are leaving, you call them back yet AGAIN, and say “Oh, wait, one more thing”. They once again reassemble in front of you and wait for their assignment.

You say “Please, I need this done NOW! I REALLY NEED so-and-so to call me”. They now look at you as if you’ve gone quite mad, as this has been something they’ve been TRYING to accomplish; yet you do not allow them to even get out the door! They wonder what they have done that you don’t trust them to take care of one simple task, and you keep repeating over and over and over to them the SAME request without even giving them TIME to work on it.

Every time YOU demand to know the WHEN, essentially, you are calling back your loving angelic crew to perform the same task. When you put your angels on assignment, it is up to YOU to allow them to take the assignment, let it go (having faith, and get to work.

It is also up to you to TRUST that once you’ve given an assignment, that it WILL be accomplished NOT in YOUR time, but in the time that it takes for your angels to perform the task. In this respect, “letting go” means, “Let them get out there and go to work”.


1. Ask your angels

2. Trust the Universe and

3. Allow your angels do their work

4. Say “Thank you” when it happens

Look for the Messages Spirit Sends YOU

Each-Moment-Contains-A-Hundrerd-Messages-From-God-RumiLook for the Messages Spirit Sends YOU

Each moment is filled with hundreds of messages from God. -RUMI

So true, stay open to the many ways spirit speaks to you. Your angels are one way; they are divine helpers and give messages from God.

Dreams are another way God speaks to you. Be open to acknowledging your dreams as doorways to the infinite presence of Creator.

Keep a dream journal by your bedside and jot down any symbols, memories or feelings from your dreams.

10 Ways to Bring Meaning to Your Life

10 Ways to Bring Meaning to Your Lifelightshine

1. For 5 minutes: Whatever you are doing, just do it slightly slower. At work we are all given tasks to do. One time per day, for 5 minutes do that task a little bit slower. Do not do the task in slow motion, or take breaks from the task, simply do it a little bit slower.

2. Take 5 minutes at lunch to notice what you’re eating . You can actually do this at an meal, or anytime you eat. You are going to notice what your food looks like, how it smells, feels, and tastes. As you pick up your food, notice the texture of it, is it bumpy, smooth, wet? Notice what you smell. As you take it in your mouth notice how it feels in your mouth, notice the tastes that are coming out of it, how your teeth break it down. As you swallow it, notice it going down your throat. Do the same with the drink.

3. Take 3 minutes to just sit and notice your breath . Sit in a place of your choice, could be behind your desk, or anywhere. Close your eyes. For 3 minutes simply pay attention to your breath. For these 3 minutes your breath gets your undivided attention. If you notice yourself thinking about something, even the thought “why am I doing this stupid exercise”, just notice that your’re thinking that and then gently bring your attention back to your breath.

4. Wash the Dishes. If you’re not used to doing dishes , there will be many benefits to this one. As you begin to wash the dishes, notice the texture of the plate and the warmth of the water on your hands. Inhale and notice if there is any scent. Listen to hear the rush of the water or any other sounds that are happening around you. Not only will you be able to practice being in the moment, but many of your family and friends will be thrilled with you.

5. Take a Bath or Shower. Preferably a bath if you have one, but even with a shower, you can take your moment in the shower or bath to feel the warmth of the water or feel how your body is immersed in the water. How does your skin feel? Do you notice any smells? Is your hair wet. Just be in the moment and notice all your senses….breathe.

6. Make Love Slightly Slower for a few moments . As you are making love to your significant other, take a moment to purposely move slightly slower. As you do this begin to mentally feel over all parts of your body. How your skin feels when touching his/hers, how are you breathing? Are you sweating? Is there a scent in the air. Take a moment and really be there making love.

7. Smell a flower for an extra breath . This one I love. Often times I will be passing by a flower and if I remember to smell it, I take an extra inhalation to really get the full experience of the scent. You will be surprised how much that extra inhalation makes a difference in the experience.

8. Be Silly. I’m serious;). Being silly allows your creative juices to flow and your creative juices is what life is all about. Letting yourself be silly can also be very relaxing and create joyful situations that are full of meaning.

9. Write a letter to someone close to you… Telling them how much you appreciate them. This is not a new idea by any stretch yet it is always worth mentioning since it is so meaningful. A letter that that person will always cherish.

10. Remind yourself that you are a miracle . This may be the most important. How they heck did any of us get here? When we break it down to nanotechnology and quantum physics, scientists are stumped to figure out the great mystery of us physically being here and interacting and creating symbols and concepts and communicating.