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Let It Pass Through the Gates

Angel Lights
Whatever you wish to speak to anybody let it pass through three gates:-

The Gatekeeper at the first gate asks:-

Is it true?

The Gatekeeper at the second gate asks:-
Is it necessary?

The Gatekeeper at the third gate asks
Is it kind?

If what you wish to say to anybody can pass through these three gates then say it.

Otherwise, it is better to keep silent

Angel of Wisdom

Angel of WisdomAngel of Wisdom

Affirm: Through my connection with the Infinite Wisdom all becomes possible.

All that exists flows from the source of Divine Wisdom. Wisdom emerges in the heart that has opened itself. We transform attachments and doubts into the certainty that we have and know all we need when we tune into the Soul. It is possible to have knowledge and not wisdom. Wisdom is a pure quality that come from the Spirit, inspiring loving attitudes and creating abundance moment by moment.

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I have Complete Control Over My Own Thoughts

I Have Complete Control Over My Own Thoughts… You can find yourself in an endless loop where you explain that you feel negative because of the negative behavior of someone else. But if, instead, you take control of your own emotions and you think an improved thought because it feels better to do so, you will discover that no matter how the negative trend got started, you can turn it around. You have no real control of what anyone else is doing with their Vibration (or with their actions, for that matter), but you have complete control over your own thoughts, Vibrations, emotions, and point of attraction.

— Abraham

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