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Archangel Uriel -(Seraphim) Moves Swiftly to Eradicate any Darkness – Fan your LOVE Flame Today!

Archangel Uriel -(Seraphim) Moves Swiftly to Eradicate any Darkness – Fan your LOVE Flame Today!

The feast day of Archangel Uriel is celebrated July 28. Ask for a rain of blessings from the seraphim’s and Archangel Uriel, who is  the angel in charge of this order of angels. The seraphim’s are the angels said to be closest to God and their energy is very intense and fiery! They are the created representations of divine love, the fire which consumes them keeps them closest to the throne of God. They are the only angels to stand above the throne. They establish the vibration of LOVE, which in turn creates the field of life. They assist us humans in perfecting the flame of LOVE. They open our understanding of unconditional love, because is so pure – it purifies whatever receives it’s grace.

Imagine an intense flaming ball of love which burns out all lower energies and purifies them. Send this flaming ball of love out to transmute all lower energies – feel, see, sense or know this is happening.  Allow peace, love, joy and happiness to wash over you! Breathe in and allow this generous energy to become one with your entire beautiful being!!

The seraphim’s sing, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory.” We too can sing this today and celebrate the pure unconditional LOVE we are made of! If we look around we can also see the love this whole luminous earth is made of! Connect with the vibration of PURE LOVE and sprinkle it around your home and your family, and the earth at large!

May you and yours be completely and utterly filled by the flame of Archangel Uriel and the Seraphim’s who will pour a rain of blessing upon a pure, heart felt call for assistance. You are LOVE and you are LOVED! Allow this love to pour across every area of your life, knowing all is in perfect and divine order.

Currents of LOVE

Currents of LOVE

Angel GoldenAsk your angelic team and wiser higher self to assist you. Feel the radiant currents of luminous love as they flow continuously throughout your body, mind and emotions.

Allow this love to caress every cell, atom, organ -electrifying it with a brilliant current of LOVE!

You are a most powerful being, dear one. Ask yourself if it might be time for you to accept this glorious power?

You are safe, no harm can penetrate this love. You are truly safe. Allow WELL BEING, LOVE and BLISS to be your normal state of mind.

Breathe LOVE in deeply several times with your hands on your heart, saying “I am a powerful being of LOVE. Every step I take guides me safely and joyfully on my path.”

Relax in this wonderful blissful state, knowing all is well. You are so loved!

Angel of Compassion

Angels of Compassion

These angels bring hope; they renew our faith in God and in His infinite kindness. They bring compassion into our lives and help us understand that God’s love pours upon us in every moment; they help us become aware that we are constantly protected and guided. Also, they encourage us to manifest gratitude for all that we receive.

The angels of compassion are intermediaries between God and people: they intervene in our favor and obtain the grace of divine compassion for us when we suffer or when we feel abandoned and forgotten by God.

This compassion can be experienced in many ways, many times without even realizing it. It can manifest either through the intervention of a friend in a moment of despair, through extra energy when we feel sad, or through a change in attitude in those close to us, through an opportune professional situation or even through a meeting that can transform our existence. The most difficult situations are solved when we find immediate solutions to our problems even in the most critical moments. In our ignorance, we believe these events are happening by chance, when, in fact, they are inspired by the angels of compassion, who ceaselessly work for us.

Becoming aware of the fact that these interventions are divine makes us maintain hope even when things go wrong. At any moment the light will shine in the darkness and the obstacles we faced all the time will disappear by themselves. We must never stop having faith in divine compassion.

We pray to the angels of compassion to be with us all the time. Let’s not try to control the events, but to accept them as permanent gifts from God. Let’s be more generous and more tolerant with others and with ourselves.

Since God does not hold us as irredeemable and he gives us his Grace, we should also know how to receive the other’s repentance and to forgive him with all our heart.