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Angel Healing Meditation FREE

Dr Kelli – The Angel Whisperer takes you on a short meditative journey of calm. Keep your vibrations filled with radiant sparkles from the Higher Angelic Realms. Enjoy this experience as the angels open your heart to their infinite love.

Be in a place where you can tune into your heart and let all cares dissolve with the radiance of the Higher Realms of Divine infinite Love, Light and Oneness. If you would like to set an intention before the meditation to focus on one area in particular, you may do so.

You may light a candle and ask the angels to surround you in a circle of God’s love as you receive these healing vibrations. Allow love to stream forth. You are love. Feel the Higher Realms LOVE for you; their infinite eternal love for you. The angels will continue to work with you after the meditation is over. Be gentle with yourself and allow God’s infinite love to cradle you in truth.

Please do not listen to meditation while driving or operating heavy machinery.

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Certified Angel Practitioner – Have Your Angels Nudged YOU? – Don’t miss this POWERFUL Class!!

Certified Angel Practitioner – Don’t miss this POWERFUL Class!

Angel Intuitives Certification Program: Saturday – Sunday, October 1 – 2, 2011

Your angelic helpers are eager to assist in anyway they can. Dr. Kelli has been guided by her team of light to teach others how to work with their angelic teachers, healers, guides and helpers. Dr. Kelli – The Angel Whisperer® – Author, Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium, Radio Host and Angel Communicator. She is the author of Angels Are Always All Around You, Angels in all World Religions and The Angel Whisperer’s Angel Journal. She has two new books in progress and two different sets of angel cards.

Angel Intuitives Certification Program: Saturday – Sunday, October 1 – 2, 2011

Receive certification and have an opportunity be listed on Dr. Kelli’s website under Certified Angel Intuitives Practitioners. Learn to use your intuition to align with your highest path or a desired outcome! Heals blocks and restrictions from your life! Learn to heal others from mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, prosperity blocks, etc

Interested in becoming Certified as an Angel Intuitives Practitioner to do readings, workshops or to incorporate angel healing into your healing practice? Or do you wish to improve your healing capabilities and intuition? Want to understand your sensitive nature and move forward in life with confidence? This two-day weekend certification will leave you feeling deeply connected to yourself and to the Universe at large. You will learn to trust yourself and the guidance you receive from the Angelic Realms and Spiritual family of Light.

This Angel Intuitives Practitioner training features very small class sizes. Advanced techniques are taught that are designed to aid those students who wish to connect with their intuition and the angelic realms. This is a heart centered group. When two or more gather the energy is amplified, which will allow you to connect easily with your angels. There is support after your journey – For six months graduates will be able to connect with Dr. Kelli through free quarterly tele-classes. In addition, we offer an Angel Intuitive’s Practitioner Community Network Forum for graduates to connect with each other, plus many other goodies! Check out the website for further details and to register now! Click HERE

This class examines and discusses the interpersonal skills and operating parameters necessary for conducting angelic sessions.

More testimonials on the website!
“The two days with Dr. Kelli and my other “Soul Sisters” were among the most amazing hours that I have spent in this lifetime. I am a changed woman. So much healing and learning occurred throughout this course on So many different levels. I cannot describe with words, although there is a deep inner knowing within me that the Angels orchestrated the entire weekend with exactly the right people, at exactly the right times, and for exactly the perfect reasons. Personally for me, my Heart was completely healed and cleared so that I may now serve the purpose that I came here to serve, and so that I may create and manifest the life and Love that we all deserve to. My healing abilities were also magnified and developed tenfold within a two day period! I grew SO much within a short period of time; I am forever grateful for Dr. Kelli’s Angel Intuitive Practitioner Class, and I look forward to Level II!”

Samantha K.

“After attending the Angel Intuitives conference with Dr. Kelli, I feel a renewed sense of joy, inspiration, and purpose in my life. Dr. Kelli is truly an angel herself, guiding each member along their chosen path with wisdom, love, and the full support of the Universe. She inspires me to be a better person, and I have gained complete faith and confidence in myself and my ability to contact the angels for love, light, and healing because of her. I feel blessed to have met and worked with Dr. Kelli, who selflessly leads us all toward a higher path. I will always feel a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunity to attend this life-changing conference… It was a journey into the light that I will never forget. Thank you Dr. Kelli! God bless!” Tess H.

See the full event details, including location at

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Friends with Wings

Friends with Wings are all Around!

You know the people in your life who you can count on. The real friends who will pick you up at the airport at 2:30a.m., or drive you to work when your car is in the shop, or help you pack and move when you can’t afford professional movers.

It is important to ask your angels to bless these people in your life and to ask God to watch over them. These people are angels in training and have been brought into your life to help build you up. They are another example of your Creator’s love for you.

Angelic Thought of the Day: You are the guardian angel your friends pray for.

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Exercise for FUN FUN FUN – Lighten the load – Shift the frequency to FUN!

FUN FUN FUN – Lighten the load – Shift the frequency to FUN!

FUNNY FACES — When my son was younger, he was the “KING” of funny faces!! For many, many years we had pictures of him making every type of funny face under the sun! He adored Jim Carey’s talent for extreme funny faces!

Little kids love to make funny faces. They are amused with themselves & totally unashamed of looking silly! Ask your angels to assist you in lifting the cloak of illusion, ask them to surround you with joyful laughter & fun! Allow yourself to be silly!! Go to the mirror and make the funniest face you can. Even a smile will shift your gears to a lighter frequency. Shift the frequency to fun! What can you do today to bring light and happiness into the world? Breathe in joy and release all illusion – Only LOVE IS REAL.

If you are having difficulty with this exercise ask yourself who are you trying to please and why? Write it all down on a piece of paper, review what you wrote and then rip up that paper! This allows you to bring the situation into the light! You should feel lighter and brighter! You are LOVE and you are LOVED!

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Shine Your Radiant Inner Light Now!!

February 1, 2011 1 comment

Shine Your Radiant Inner Light Now!! Limited Registration – Join at anytime!!

Make a commitment to a PEACEFUL, POSITIVE, EMPOWERING and LOVING Journey! You are worth it and I promise you will feel more calm, centered and full of LOVE!

Wednesday February 2, 2011 from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM CST

Bi-weekly six month program starts Feb 2 and ends in August

In the comfort of your own home via phone, computer or skype!

Click below to learn more:
Get more information or Register now

I want to extend a deep heartfelt thank you for being you; your beautiful presence is much appreciated. I would be honored to have you start this journey with me!
Or visit the website to learn more

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Free Flowing waves of peace and clarity…utter Divine JOY!

Energy of Love

Awesome ones, Know the frequencies of the HIGHER Realms are here to boost your hopes and dreams! Surrender with gratitude and NEVER give up! You have the power to create a life you deserve NO matter where you think you came from or what you did! Give yourself compassion and know everyone is SPECIAL and deserves all GOOD!

Send forgiveness to people and circumstances that challenge you; these are at times your greatest teachers in life. See through the eyes of the Divine! Hold that power that resides within you and AMP up your passion..whatever passion that may be!

Waves of LOVE are flowing to each and everyone of you…sparking a Light so so Bright. Flowing waves of peace and clarity…utter Divine JOY! This resides within you already, beautiful friends. All you have to do is accept this beauty that you truly are…open the present -the gift that is being offered freely to you, knowing you are ALWAYS held in tender loving care of the ALL that is, the angels, and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Know that you are UTTERLY WORTHY!! — You TRULY are! You are so LOVED! – Dr. Kelli – The Angel Whisperer

Picture by Mario Duguay