Crystal Children and Adults

Characteristics of Crystals

Are You A Crystal Child or Adult?

The following are typical characteristics of the Crystal children:

  • Highly intuitive – can be telepathic and show extrasensory capabilities.
  • Will often say seemingly ‘profound’ statements and has an strong interest in God – they often seem wise beyond their years.
  • Has an affinity towards angels, ‘invisible friends’ such as fairies, gnomes and communicates with them naturally.
  • Quiet and withdrawn – very shy.
  • Very empathic, to the level of processing energy for the planet.
  • Has an affinity to rocks, crystals and stones.
  • Loves lots of color – rainbows, multicolored in the way they dress or how they see the world around them and will stand out because of it e.g. will wear red skirt with orange socks, blue shirt with white hat.
  • Peaceful and peace-loving, does not argue and will withdraw when faced with confrontation.
  • Sensitive to energy shifts and can become very agitated with them.
  • Very sensitive to the environment, (can include food & additives), energy fields, vaccines, chemicals & pesticides, noise, electrical currents (ie. watches will stop, etc.), as well as emotional sensitivity to what is happening around them.
  • Has a fragility or sense of vulnerability around them and yet very strong.
  • Isolate themselves socially because they find it hard to be around people.
  • Strong need to help others, individually or globally but usually quietly.
  • Likes to work alone most of the time or in groups where is there is mutual cooperation and respect.
  • Usually possess a good sense of humor.
  • Highly artistic and creative with a bountiful imagination.
  • Is usually gifted in one or more areas ie. art, music, math, etc. – as a result, subjects in school can be viewed as boring and senseless – displays desire to stay focused on the gifted area in their life.
  • Very technologically oriented – usually are whizzes at computers or other gadgetry.
  • Is very comfortable being around plants, nature, animals.
  • Has an inherent ability to uncover people’s fear – they seem to connect and know what is in one’s head and heart.
  • Can be very self-reliant.
  • Can be misdiagnosed as ADD, ADHD or Autism very young children can often be delayed in speech – late talkers,  impaired speech or hearing.
  • They are very gentle and forgiving – very loving and compassionate personality.
  • Have natural healing abilities.

Note to indigos, sensitives, crystals, empaths and more:  Do NOT give up on your divine mission! You have all the support you need. You are divinely guided, supported and unconditionally loved.