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Free Flowing waves of peace and clarity…utter Divine JOY!

Energy of Love

Awesome ones, Know the frequencies of the HIGHER Realms are here to boost your hopes and dreams! Surrender with gratitude and NEVER give up! You have the power to create a life you deserve NO matter where you think you came from or what you did! Give yourself compassion and know everyone is SPECIAL and deserves all GOOD!

Send forgiveness to people and circumstances that challenge you; these are at times your greatest teachers in life. See through the eyes of the Divine! Hold that power that resides within you and AMP up your passion..whatever passion that may be!

Waves of LOVE are flowing to each and everyone of you…sparking a Light so so Bright. Flowing waves of peace and clarity…utter Divine JOY! This resides within you already, beautiful friends. All you have to do is accept this beauty that you truly are…open the present -the gift that is being offered freely to you, knowing you are ALWAYS held in tender loving care of the ALL that is, the angels, and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Know that you are UTTERLY WORTHY!! — You TRULY are! You are so LOVED! – Dr. Kelli – The Angel Whisperer

Picture by Mario Duguay

Archangel Jophiel Offers You Blessings of Loving Kindness

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Archangel Jophiel assists you with dissolving negativity & will bring bright light into your situation. Visualize yourself surrounded by Divine Light.  Breathe in the presence of this holy loving light. Allow it to fill all the spaces and places with illuminated light, mercy, and wholeness to over come all obstacles. You are a powerful soul, filled with divine confidence and strength. Allow the pure radiant light to expand and fill your entire beingness with this divine powerful healing. Encased with this all knowing peaceful light, know you are LOVE and are infinitely LOVED! As you ride the waves of this truth, centering and merging completely with this deep utter knowing, may you be at peace with who you are…. divine holy ones!

Turn on the Frequency of Gratitude with the Angels

What are you grateful for today? What are your thoughts today? What frequency are you emitting? The angel of gratitude would like to gently assist you in aligning your vibration with the frequency of gratitude – awakening you to your present blessings. 

Every challenge is an opportunity to grow higher- vibrating on the frequency of love. Ask the angels what you can do to reprogram a challenge as an opportunity to grow in love? Ask that the highest outcome be revealed to you and release your challenge to the higher realms, knowing all will be done in perfect divine timing. Remain open to the many ways spirit may assist you.

By intention, reprogram your system to flow and glow with the higher frequencies. Keep the doors to your heart open to all things today and

give thanks that we remain connected in love! Elevate your vibration with an attitude of gratitude and beam gratitude outward!

You are LOVE and you are LOVED!

Angelic Method to Release and Surrender

Method to Release and Surrender:

Take a moment to be very quite with yourself. Breathe in through you nose and out through your mouth a couple of times and ask your guardian angels to stand in front, behind, to each side of you; above and below. Now allow any thoughts racing through your mind to release and flow out to your angels. Take another deep inhale in through your nose and as you exhale through your mouth; see, feel or sense all thoughts flow out into a brilliant bubble of pink love.

Now allow the angels to fill your heart space with a glorious glowing pink light. Feel this light filling you with infinite love and divine healing light. Take your hands and put them on your heart as your breathe in this luminous pink light. Now see or sense a brilliant pink light encase your entire being. Allow the light to fill every space in your room. Breathe once more and exhale, knowing all thoughts and worries are taken care of for you as you release and surrender all to Creator and the angels.

Feel the utter stillness in your head and now in your beautiful heart. Feels so much better, right? Say thank you to your angels and to yourself for allowing all worries to move forward in exchange for perfect peace! Say the word peace a few times – Just saying the word brings a sense of calmness to your soul. You are so LOVED! xoxoxo

Open Your Heart with the Angels

Archangel Chamuel painting by Dr. Kelli

Archangel Chamuel painting by Dr. Kelli

Archangel Chamuel – Unconditional Love

Archangel Chamuel surrounds you with his wings of unconditional love. He accepts you just as you are and says you are good enough. He asks you to let go of self-judgment and thus judging others and raises your vibration and opens your heart to the unconditional love of yourself and others.

Affirm: I love and am loved unconditionally

Call forth Chamuel if you find it difficult to love yourself, love others, if your heart is full of negative emotions such as envy, guilt, bitterness, and lack of forgiveness. If you are depressed or in despair, if you are judgemental and cynical. If you place conditions on your love, if you experienced the breakdown of a relationship, if you cling to relationships or put conditions to your love, if you need to strengthen a parent-child bond, if you have lost someone close to you through death or separation, if you “need” to be loved.

You must heal your heart and appreciate the beauty within yourself and all things. Everyone has some beauty in their soul, seek it out in yourself and others. Increase self-fulfillment by noticing what is good in your life right now and finding more ways to express your love in life. Let beauty infuse your life and your spirit.

When you open your heart to the unconditional love of the universe you experience love and gratitude. You can invoke Chamuel to connect you to this love and to use it to overcome your fear. Fear of cruelty and pain.

Invoking Chamuel:

Please heal the pain within my heart, help me let go of all negativity and judgement both of myself and others. Fill my heart with unconditional love for myself and all sentient beings. Help me to strengthen my relationships with all those around me especially those nearest or most difficult.

Connect me to the power of the unconditional love of the universe so that I may be a shining radiant beacon on light and spread this LOVE about into the universe.