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Summer Solstice Prayer

Please join me Monday for a celebration of Light!  Monday June 21 at 4:00 pm cst.

A Prayer

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, we call you forth and ask that you anchor your light in and around us, so that what is needed for our highest and best good come forth.

Holy sacred teachers and angels of love and light hear our prayers we most humbly ask, and make divine intercession for us this day to help and heal all that we pray for.

I am the power of light and love. I am the sacred Holy Spirit of light and life that transcends the deeds of mankind and alters the destiny of life. I am pure of mind and heart. I am enlightened.

Great Divine ones of light, spirit dear hear my pleas and assist me here. Open your arms and attention hold dear, help your precious loved ones overcome all their fears.

I Am, I am, I Am, the power of love and light. I Am, I Am, I Am, kept in God’s own sight.

Heavenly beings, guidance dear, please help the poor and the sad that dwell here. Bring us all illumination, understanding and love. Open all hearts to hear celestial music play here.

Guide us to open the doorways left here, unopened by past generations that feared. Let us be strong and bold as we dare, to change the planetary influences that we cannot bear.

Open, open, open all hearts and minds here, to God’s great abundance and the life we deserve. Help us to forgive and to heal what’s inside, share your great grace and goodness, help keep us alive.

Bring truth and justice to the forefront of life, removing denial and the blindfolds of lies.

Let all old programs be removed and exchanged for the goodness of life and the children to reign.

Open all doorways and truth to make plain, where Divine Light may guide us and become one with all men.

I trust and believe that Divine intervention will prevail, and that I will ascend all illusions behind the veil.

I know with my great power of soul and heart and mind, that I must assist in the journey of what’s blind.

I choose now to open my own higher mind, to take off my blinders and look to what’s divine. Within me there lies all that’s needed to be, the greatest spirit that ever lived continually dwells within me.

I offer myself to light within that I am, to serve and be utilized in the Divine plan. I surrender the past and the hold it has had, and trust that my kindness will hold others hands.

As we plough these fields together spirit you and I, in the quest of restoring harmony to mankind once again.

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