Archangel Uriel -(Seraphim) Moves Swiftly to Eradicate any Darkness – Fan your LOVE Flame Today!

Archangel Uriel -(Seraphim) Moves Swiftly to Eradicate any Darkness – Fan your LOVE Flame Today!

The feast day of Archangel Uriel is celebrated July 28. Ask for a rain of blessings from the seraphim’s and Archangel Uriel, who is  the angel in charge of this order of angels. The seraphim’s are the angels said to be closest to God and their energy is very intense and fiery! They are the created representations of divine love, the fire which consumes them keeps them closest to the throne of God. They are the only angels to stand above the throne. They establish the vibration of LOVE, which in turn creates the field of life. They assist us humans in perfecting the flame of LOVE. They open our understanding of unconditional love, because is so pure – it purifies whatever receives it’s grace.

Imagine an intense flaming ball of love which burns out all lower energies and purifies them. Send this flaming ball of love out to transmute all lower energies – feel, see, sense or know this is happening.  Allow peace, love, joy and happiness to wash over you! Breathe in and allow this generous energy to become one with your entire beautiful being!!

The seraphim’s sing, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory.” We too can sing this today and celebrate the pure unconditional LOVE we are made of! If we look around we can also see the love this whole luminous earth is made of! Connect with the vibration of PURE LOVE and sprinkle it around your home and your family, and the earth at large!

May you and yours be completely and utterly filled by the flame of Archangel Uriel and the Seraphim’s who will pour a rain of blessing upon a pure, heart felt call for assistance. You are LOVE and you are LOVED! Allow this love to pour across every area of your life, knowing all is in perfect and divine order.

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