Currents of LOVE

Currents of LOVE

Angel GoldenAsk your angelic team and wiser higher self to assist you. Feel the radiant currents of luminous love as they flow continuously throughout your body, mind and emotions.

Allow this love to caress every cell, atom, organ -electrifying it with a brilliant current of LOVE!

You are a most powerful being, dear one. Ask yourself if it might be time for you to accept this glorious power?

You are safe, no harm can penetrate this love. You are truly safe. Allow WELL BEING, LOVE and BLISS to be your normal state of mind.

Breathe LOVE in deeply several times with your hands on your heart, saying “I am a powerful being of LOVE. Every step I take guides me safely and joyfully on my path.”

Relax in this wonderful blissful state, knowing all is well. You are so loved!

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