Angel Attunement Teleclass

Angel Class

Angel TeleClass

Angel (Healing) Attunement TeleClass You may access the teleclass from your computer or phone!

You have the option to receive a certificate of completion! If you can’t make the whole teleclass, no worries as the recording/MP3s of the class will be available.

Don’t miss it!! Class starts in November of 2009 – see below for dates

Dr. Kelli’s Angel Attunement Class – Discover your talents, attune to the angels for healing and guidance today! Experience an energetic doorway to allow a direct and permanent connection with the angels, which will help you become more sensitive to the angelic frequency for easier communication!

Does your spirit need some TLC? You take care of your physical body, and your spirit also needs attention.Not taking care of your spirit affects your ability to cope. We will be dissolving all lower energies or blockages whether in this lifetime or another. If you would like to improve your communication skills on an even deeper level with your Angels, this class is for you! During an attunement you are spiritually and psychically brought into alignment with the energy or vibration of the angelic realms, much like tuning two or more musical instruments to the same pitch. An attunement also opens your own energy pathway and clears any energy blockages present. This happens on four levels; first the spiritual level, then the mental level, then the emotional level and finally the physical level.You will have the opportunity to clear blockages to divine guidance, heal past hurts from relationships, to release old thought patterns, and to let go of self-sabotaging or addictive behaviors. Learn how to attune others as well.

The angels and archangels are powerful healers – and they will gently guide us through an experience of forgiveness, self love, and renewal. This is a powerful workshop.

In this class you will be introduced to a channeled healing meditation which relaxes, centers and attunes you to the Angelic Realms of Light. Learn techniques to still your mind.

Pre-registration is required as the class size is limited.

Currency exchange: $75.00 pre-pay online – this includes material handouts

Class dates: November 12 (1.5 hours) & November 19 (1.5 hours)

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm central standard time both day

You will receive an email with the teleseminar dial in instructions the day of the event.

Visit the website now!

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