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1. The Law of Love: There are only two emotions — Fear & Love

2. The Law of Attraction: What you resists persists

3. The Law of Cause and Effect: Do onto others as you would do onto yourself & karmic paybacks are often a hassle

4. The Law of Projection: All your thoughts get projection into your environment to create your reality

5. The Law of Creation: If you want peace create it within yourself first. You create your own reality. .. Remember to affirm I Am before positive statements

6. The Law of Choice: Everything in life is based on choice

7. The Law of Action and Reaction: What you see in me and love is a part of you that you have embraced and loved. What you see in me and judge or dislike is apart of yourself that you don’t like and requires healing.

8. The Law of Truth: It shall set you free!!

Learn more here: http://www.theangelwhispers.org/laws.html

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