Open Your Heart with the Angels

Archangel Chamuel painting by Dr. Kelli

Archangel Chamuel painting by Dr. Kelli

Archangel Chamuel – Unconditional Love

Archangel Chamuel surrounds you with his wings of unconditional love. He accepts you just as you are and says you are good enough. He asks you to let go of self-judgment and thus judging others and raises your vibration and opens your heart to the unconditional love of yourself and others.

Affirm: I love and am loved unconditionally

Call forth Chamuel if you find it difficult to love yourself, love others, if your heart is full of negative emotions such as envy, guilt, bitterness, and lack of forgiveness. If you are depressed or in despair, if you are judgemental and cynical. If you place conditions on your love, if you experienced the breakdown of a relationship, if you cling to relationships or put conditions to your love, if you need to strengthen a parent-child bond, if you have lost someone close to you through death or separation, if you “need” to be loved.

You must heal your heart and appreciate the beauty within yourself and all things. Everyone has some beauty in their soul, seek it out in yourself and others. Increase self-fulfillment by noticing what is good in your life right now and finding more ways to express your love in life. Let beauty infuse your life and your spirit.

When you open your heart to the unconditional love of the universe you experience love and gratitude. You can invoke Chamuel to connect you to this love and to use it to overcome your fear. Fear of cruelty and pain.

Invoking Chamuel:

Please heal the pain within my heart, help me let go of all negativity and judgement both of myself and others. Fill my heart with unconditional love for myself and all sentient beings. Help me to strengthen my relationships with all those around me especially those nearest or most difficult.

Connect me to the power of the unconditional love of the universe so that I may be a shining radiant beacon on light and spread this LOVE about into the universe.

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