Ask Your Angels Day

Join us for a day of Angel FUN!AskYourAngelsDAY

Meet your guardian angel, ask your angel(s) some questions, receive guidance on decisions and more with Dr. Kelli – The Angel Whisperer – Visionary, Author, Psychic Medium, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Inter-dimensional Channel.

Searching for answers? Want to connect with your angels or guides for inspiration? Dr. Kelli is the author of “Angels are Always All Around You”, “The Angel Whisperer’s Journal” and The Angel Whisperer’s Angel Comfort Cards.

Dr. Kelli works with the angelic realms, the ascended masters, council of light and many other Divine beings of light working in the spirit of love and oneness. Her powerful, healing abilities channel celestial light energy directly into your physical being, giving you the opportunity to experience the celestial light for yourself. She uses her Divine connections to the angelic and spiritual realms to channel information for healing and guidance as needed.

She has spent all her life speaking with her angels and spirit friends. Starting when she was a small child she would have flashbacks of previous lifetimes, dreams that would come true, see auras around people, etc. After her near death experience she finally embraced her spiritual gifts and now assist others on their own path to truth.

Immerse yourself in Divine Love! Open your heart and deepen your relationship with your divine higher self and spiritual team. Unfold and detach from any fears and unworthiness that prohibit you.

Want to make sure you receive your time with Dr. Kelli?
Reserve an appointment now. Dr. Kelli will be giving all pre-bookings a copy of her Angel Journal, “The Angel Whisper’s Angel Journal.” A $19.95 value.

To book now email: or visit the website at

Ask Your Angels Day
Elburn Community Center
525 N. Main Street
Elburn, IL 60119
Phone: Laurie at 630-365-6655

We will have palm readers, aura readers, psychics, mediums, sound healing, energy techniques, channeling, reiki, and much much more!!!!

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please email Denise at

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